Associate Professor Dr Kasia Bail is an innovative academic and registered nurse based in Canberra, Australia.  Dr Bail’s research expertise is in three key areas of health expenditure: older people, hospitals and nursing.

Her research aims to improve the quality and efficiency of acute care delivery for ageing populations by providing evidence on interventions and outcomes. Dr Bail employs qualitative, quantitative and cost analysis methods of inquiry, and her research has included state-level hospital patient outcome data, health information system implementation, hospital nursing policies, aged care nurse practitioners, prognosis communication and hospital dementia services. Her high quality publications have garnered significant citations, demonstrating excellence and broad impact as reviewed by multidisciplinary international academic peers.  Dr Bail maintains strong industry links, with entrepreneurial approaches to funding and problem solving.

Her 2016 award winning PhD is well recognised in international circles and is being used in the European development of missed care analysis in order to better understand and cost the current prevalence of nursing care rationing.

Dr Bail continues to works clinically on a monthly basis, and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate Registered Nurses. She uses these broad insights into the delivery of care to identify, explore and advocate for system improvements, and is ultimately driven by needless suffering in vulnerable populations.

Dr Bail recognises the need for ongoing multidisciplinary research, analysis and discussion at state, national and international levels to have long lasting practice change.